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Rubenesque Rapture – Paranormal Romance, Plus-Sized Romance, and Erotic Romance Novel (Book 1, The Endurers)

Book Information:

Hell is hot to get their hands on Anna Andrews, determined to use her plus-sized body for breeding purposes. Attacked by demons in her remote cabin in Alaska, she is sure there is no way out until a mysterious Endurer rescues her at the last moment. He’s been sent to get her to safety in Las Vegas, but he never counted on the sexual attraction that flares immediately between them.

Shayne McLoughlin was born in the 1400’s and lived as a Monk until a brutal attack destroyed his entire family, changing his life forever. Now an immortal Endurer that protects humanity from demonic beings, he expects his next assignment to be like any other. Until he meets the rubenesque beauty he has been sent to protect.

On the race to reach the safety of Las Vegas, they discover an explosive attraction that can’t be ignored. He can battle the demons that want her, but can he have victory over the power of her mind? Plagued by her past and an ex-boyfriend that used her in an attempt to satisfy his debt to Hell, Anna finds it hard to believe this gorgeous man is serious about her.

As the very world stands on the cusp of Armageddon, Shayne is determined to have this full-figured beauty at any cost. There isn’t any rule he won’t break to claim Anna and keep her. Danger follows their every step as passion ignites at every turn. Is it a battle this Endurer can win?



Two taller, grotesque creatures started towards them, their red eyes gleaming unnaturally in the twilight of the evening.

Shayne was ready for them, an ornately carved dagger in each hand. “You girls looking to play?” he asked, his velvety, deep voice cutting through the night. “I know I am. Look, I’m even wearing my play clothes.” He was dressed completely in black.

The two glanced at each other before charging him as one. Shayne met them in a running leap just seconds before the two screamed in pain. The daggers moved quickly and immediately one of the demons fell, smoke rising from its body.

He glanced over to the last one standing and shook his head in disgust. His knife had carved deeply into the side of his face, leaving the flesh gaping open. Copious amounts of black fluid poured out, and he was missing an ear.

Damn,” he said as his lip curled up in a sneer. “You guys just get uglier and uglier, don’t you? It looks like your face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork.”

He could see three more hellions spread out in the parking lot, but they paused at his words. They knew he was an Endurer, with the full backing of Heaven behind him. The evil inside of them naturally recoiled from the purity contained within his daggers and sword. It didn’t stop the demon in front of him though. “What a great idea,” he growled at Shayne. “I’ll have fun trying it out on you in Hell.”

Shayne beckoned with his hand as he said mockingly, “You, I’m going to kill just to put you out of your misery.”

All pretense at humanity faded. The white skin darkened to a disgusting shade of dark green and thick horns erupted from its skull. This was the true form of the minion, and it wasn’t pretty.

Shayne glanced around the parking lot quickly but didn’t expect to see any witnesses. The remote location was one of the reasons he had chose this motel. It was small and generally stayed vacant, and he wouldn’t have to worry about human casualties.

He looked back at the demon, determined to goad him into an attack. It would just be one less evil to deal with in the future. “Well?” he asked, beckoning again with his hand. “You going to stand there all day looking ugly? Let’s get this over with. I’ve got more important things to do like wash my hair.”

You’ll never win,” the enraged demon said, his voice harsh and distorted. “There are millions of us, and just one of you.” Giant black wings erupted from its back as it prepared to take flight. “The master is coming home to take his throne, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.”

Two red eyes settled upon Anna as it rose up in the air. She recoiled back against the wall, panting in fear. His eyes were ancient, deadly, and full of pure evil as he said, “We’ll be meeting again.” With a sinister laugh he leaped into the sky and flew away, the other demons quickly following.

Shayne stood eerily still for a moment, breathing deep. His hands clenched and unclenched as he fought to get control of himself. After a moment, he bent over and collected his weapons.



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